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GoPro Motorsports

Gopro motorsports HERO sport cameras were designed to meet the select needs of autosports, motorcyclists and other power sport enthusiasts.  Until recent years, camera technology was too bulky and heavy to be realistically mounted on most vehicles safely.  Technological shifts have allowed Gopro to now create a lightweight, very rugged, small body design that can reliable stand upto the extreme conditions of extreme sports.


Gopro Motorsports Mounting Capability

Not only are gopro motorsports cameras rugged they come with multiple mounting devices that allow them to be mounted on nearly any surface you can imagine.  These sports cameras can be readily mounted on the dash or exterior of vehicles to catch either a point of view perspective or photograph the driver. With multiple mounts the camera can quickly and easily be moved to either location.  The HERO2 can also be mounted on a user's body, helmet, motorcycle, ATV, jetski, snowmobile, boat or other equipment. Gone are the days of users affixing cameras to their vehicles or bodies with a puzzling array of duct tape and rubber bands. 


Video and Sound Quality

The Gopro motorsports HD HERO2 is an incredibly feature-rich product for its small size.  The HERO2 offers full HD 1080p video, as well as, still photography.  In fact, the quality of the camera is such that Gopro motorsport's cameras have been popular for capturing video for Television, movies and NASCAR races.


Gopro users can elect to film in a variety of video modes:


With an exclusive fisheye lens that offers a 170 degree wide angle shot, this sports camera is sure to miss very little.  In short, if you can see the lens, it's probably capturing you on film.


Not only do gopro motorsports sports cameras offer superior video quality, they also have great audio quality.  The secret to its exceptional sound quality lies in an automatic gain control, which prompts the camera to automatically adjust instantly to wind noise which is a prevalent issue in high speed activities.  Users do not have to stop and make constant adjustments due to the environment around them.  The camera does the work.


Another beloved feature of the HERO2 is the "automatic photo-take mode" for still shots.  In auto mode, a user can push the shutter button once and then the camera will automatically begin taking pictures on predefined intervals of either 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds.  The camera becomes complete hands free when using this option and allows the user to capture each moment of an event without having to worry about the camera.


Design Features

In terms of design, Gopro motorsports camera’s have a polycarbonate housing that readily protects it from harsh elements and the tough abuse common to extreme sports.  It’s waterproof down to 60 meters underwater and the lithium icon battery pack, which lasts for 2.5 hours, has an integrated battery warmer to keep the battery warm when filming in cold conditions. The battery can be charged via any USB port or any USB compatible wall or auto charger. Drivers can actually charge it as it is being used in their vehicles.


Gopro is arguably the number 1 manufacturer of wearable sports cameras. It has been featured in Motorcyclist Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and Backpacker magazine.   With the increasing rise in interest around extreme sports the Gopro motorsports sport camera is sure to continue to be a favored camera by a growing number of users for years to come.